Welcome Parents!

Being a parent is extremely rewarding, but it can also be very difficult if your child has learning difficulties. To me, knowledge is power. Knowing what the symptoms are, what types of interventions work, and how to advocate for your child will help you feel more in control of things when they get difficult. Find out more about dyslexia by clicking on the various pages under the “Learning about Dyslexia” tab at the top of this page.

Dyslexia often coexists with other issues such as ADHD, dysgraphia (trouble with writing), dyscalculia (trouble with numeracy),  and visual perceptual disorders (causing eye tracking issues and reversals).  One site that I always recommend to parents is I love this site because you can type in any of the issues that your child struggles with, and the site populates several articles and infographs that might be helpful to you.

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 When dealing with school support, it can get overwhelming if you don’t know all of the acronyms, laws, and procedures.  The site above,, has lots of good articles on these topics. Depending on your state, you may already have dyslexia laws in place. Even if you don’t, a diagnosis of dyslexia can help your child receive a 504. This is a federal document that all public schools can provide. Basically, a 504 allows teachers and schools to provide accommodations for your child to do the regular schoolwork, but it will not provide them additional pull-out support to teach reading and writing. For more information about a 504, click HERE

For information about getting a dyslexia diagnosis, click HERE.

For more information about a parent advocacy group, Decoding Dyslexia, click HERE.

For more information about how to talk to your child about dyslexia, click HERE.

For more information about types of interventions that work (and those that don’t), click HERE.

For more information about accommodations, including technology and audio books, click HERE.

For more information about other coexisiting conditions, click HERE.