Sight Words

Sight Words

Sight words are words that occur so frequently that we want children to instantly recognize them “on sight.” Sometimes these words are called high frequency words or instant words.  There are also several word lists out there. The most common lists are the Fry word list and the Dolch list.  Both lists are based on frequency of use and are somewhat in order of difficulty. Another list is one created by Fountas and Pinnell, and is typically used by schools that have Reading Recovery and Guided Reading: WISD High Frequency Word Lists by Grade Level. Whichever list you choose, there are some things to think about when teaching these words. First, how many of these words can be learned by phonics skills and syllable patterns? Watch this video to see how few words are actually “sight” words.

So how do we need to teach sight words to dyslexic children? We need to teach them the same way we teach everything else- slow, multisensory, and repetitive. There are some fantastic websites that have ideas on how to teach sight words in these ways.  Click on the pictures below to visit those sights and get great ideas!

how to teach sight words

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